valley of the kings hot air ballon ride


valley of the kings hot air ballon ride

You don’t have to try skydiving, bungee jumping or other extreme activities to have an amazing and thrilling experience. If you’re not a fan of unusual or extreme sports, flying up and away on a hot air balloon might be an idea worth considering. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from high up above, a hot air balloon ride .also allows you to experience a unique combination of thrill and serenity. For anyone who is visiting Egypt, a Luxor hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings is a must. You have not seen the land of the ancient Pharaohs until you have looked down on it from the heavens, or as close as we can get to that in a hot air balloon.

5 am for 2 hrs hours

Tour price $ 255

Pricing based on group of 3

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